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…a state of high level wellness to those he treats.

“My friendship and association with Yosef Pollack goes all the way back to the mid “70’s” when we were both students of Tai Chi with a number of New York masters whose work included references to the Chinese healing arts. This experience eventually served to encourage Yosef to move in that direction. I was privy throughout his period of studies which also took him to China in order to deepen his knowledge. I was also a patient of his for many years before leaving the USA for a new life in the south of France in 2003. I fully endorse Yosef as a true healer whose profound knowledge of the art of healing via acupuncture, herbal medicine and other healing techniques. The expertise and understanding of his patients conditions enable him to bring a state of high level wellness to those he treats.” 2009 Great Results, Expert, High Integrity ~ Alfie W. hired Yosef for Public Relations/Music Business in 1985 and hired Yosef for acupuncture more than once.

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